Obi 4.5

Create digital talking books in DAISY 3 and Accessible EPUB 3 standards

Obi is a free application that allows you to record digital talking books and then export them to an MP3 file. It utilizes the Digital Accessible Information System format. The program indeed is very easy to use. You just have to create sections and after that record audio for each of them. Furthermore, Obi can create title sections automatically. The program interface is very convenient to use. All sections are shown in a text list and their respective audio content can be visually seen in the right part of the program window. Obi supports Wave Sound format for all audio records. You can create as many sections as you need and arrange your titles, as if you were creating the index of a book, but still there is an audio file instead of text in every chapter. You can record speeches, books or anything that comes to your mind. It has a transportation bar that helps you go to the preceding or following page or phrase, and play backward or forward at faster speed. Also the elapsed time and the dB sound level per channel are shown.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • All the audio content is visually arranged


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